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Giant Inflatable Beach Ball, Pool Toy for Kids & Adults

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😍This giant inflatable beach ball is a must-have for your upcoming beach party. Everyone would enjoy playing with it on the beach. Grab one and you won't regret it!

🌈It is a epic addition to pool parties, beach trips, concerts, schools, lawn games, and more.

We use only the best materials! Made of thick heavy duty vinyl material, this giant inflatable beach ball can withstand normal usage for a long time. However, contact with sharp objects should still be avoided.

Takes over an hour to inflate a beach ball and it ends up flat in just half a day? Our featured anti-deflation valve is specifically designed to hold the air for extended periods. Enjoy without worries!


1×31”Inches Beach ball.

1×39”Inches Beach ball.

1×59”Inches Beach ball.

1×78”Inches Beach ball.