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Parrot wine plate resin decoration

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This cool new Parrot Butler is a fun and festive tropical parrot statue that holds a rimmed tray in its wings that's perfect for serving up tropical drinks or snacks at your next party / luau. Petey is made from durable sand-cast aluminum, hand-painted in a rainbow of colors on his body with a bronze beak, feet, and tray, and powder-coated for outdoor weather resistance.

🤣The good news is that he won't fly away with your drinks, but, unfortunately, he doesn't speak🤣


Each piece is handmade, so sometimes there are some differences from the picture, please forgive me.If you are not satisfied with all the colors we designed, you can design your own colors and send them to us by email. We will adopt your opinions and quickly make new color products.



22 * 12 * 20CM 
15 * 7 * 9CM