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Squirrel Solar Garden Light

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Resin products are durable, durable, non-porous and non-hydrolytic, meaning they are not susceptible to damage caused by water, which is filled with water, rust and discoloration.

Sunlight from the garden can be used anywhere, so that we can receive sunlight all day long.For longer, brighter night lighting, make sure the solar panels are not obstructed by trees or structures that might interfere with direct sunlight.South exposure is the best.When the garden is full of sunshine, it can provide many hours of light on summer nights.

The exterior finishes of Sunshine Resin are not only meant to make the decor more realistic, but the resin also has a good texture and smooth surface for your garden, route, lawn, etc.

Why doesn't the sun shine?

A light switch under the solar panels has to be turned on so that it automatically absorbs light energy during the day and lights up at night.

Solar cells have low power because solar panels absorb the sun for a short time during the day, and the light may be weak, or it may last for a period of time at night

Fun garden decor: This beautiful hand-painted resin squirrel is sure to be the centerpiece of your garden/home this year and a delight your friends will find in your annual and perennial life.Big enough to be noticed, but small enough to stand on a bookshelf.Size for many locations.

High quality: This garden statue 5.7 "x 2.95" x 8.07 "/14.5 x 7.5 x 20.5 cm is handmade from durable resin material.It is water-resistant, sun durable, and has a protective layer to ensure it does not fade in sunlight and water.

Sunshine: When you come home, this charming garden is full of smiles.The absorption of sunlight during the day turns on automatically at night, giving off a warm glow and providing the appropriate level of illumination.

Easy to use: no cables or power required!It is green and a big decoration for the garden.The solar panels are fully charged during the day and turn on automatically at night.

Perfect gift choice: This resin statue is the perfect gift for a special someone of any age.Ideal for birthday, Father/Mother's Day, Easter and Christmas gifts, or simply for outdoor/indoor use, such as patio, house, reading room, bar, office, children's room, table, bookshelf, ceiling decoration, backyard, homemade furniture.A wonderful welcome gift.